A final post from the dirty Dubb

Today is my last day in Ireland. I can’t believe what a crazy summer this was. I would say I can’t believe it went by so fast but I knew it would.

First I would like to outline my last few days for you all.

Wednesday I worked a normal day and then went out to get Thai food for the first time as a goodbye dinner with my co-workers. It was interesting, not my favorite. I probably won’t eat it again. It was really amazing being able to hang out with all of them a little extra too. They all made my stay a little more enjoyable since I LOVED going to work

Thursday was my last day of work and the only day I literally had work up till 5 pm .. So that was really funny. It was really weird saying goodbye to people you might never see again – even though we are friends on Facebook.
After work, Lisa took us for our goodbye dinner. Which you would have thought she would take us for Irish food… Well she actually took us for Italian food at an Italian restaurant she already took us to… So that was annoying.. It want ever good Italian food just pizza. My thoughts on that. Just because your the coordinator and you like Italian and want Italian doesn’t mean you should take us there for our last meal. Especially if we are the ones paying for it in our original costs. … I know it’s childish but I will be complaining about that one.

Friday Since I didn’t have to work I slept in and packed. And then Mirella cooked us a traditional Brazilian lunch. It was AMAZING. I can’t even explain.



After that I packed some more.
In the evening, Ellen, Steve, Rachel, Mirella and I headed to mulligans because I wanted to try the cask beer and ellen wanted a dinner. Laura and the frenchies met us later on.
The cask beer was gross. It might have been because it was mango flavored but it was literally disgusting. Well at least I know that now.



We went on a final Adventra to buy snacks and I cried when I said goodbye to Ellen, Steven and Rachel.

I came here not expecting to make friend to just come and work. But honestly, I made some amazing friends and amazing experiences that I literally won’t ever be able to explain to anyone else except the people who were here with me.

Ellen, thank you for always being there and being my rock of this trip. For not shaming me when I wanted to lay in bed and watch Netflix or eat a whole bag of candy. I never expected to make a friend like you but I’m so glad I did. Thanks a mill – you’re very nice 😉

On that note I need to finish packing up my room.

My next post will be from FRANCE!!!

Until next time ireland,


I think I offended my boss…

Ireland is supposedly very “green”, not in the literal sense like the natural beauty but the environmentally friendly type.
When you go to the grocery store you arnt given a bag, you either buy a plastic bag for 20 cent or you carry them in your arms, backpack, reusable bag, or the plastic bag you bought 20 grocery trips ago. I like this.

however,today my boss had me run an errand to get some extra supplies and such for the office. She was telling me to bring my own bag since they don’t give them out. Which I knew and was thankful for the extra advice.

She told me the Irish do this because
“We are green!”
I retorted, without thinking (oops)
” but you don’t pick up the streets? ”
I think she got a little mad ….because she then prompted to tell me that
“I didn’t live in a nice area.” Which I agreed and then she also said “it’s the tourist too.”
“We liter because we don’t care.”
I told her then that “where I live isn’t touristy”
She then said “well you live in an international apartment complex, that’s why.”

To each his own, I understand yes some tourist liter but the entire city is dirty. I have seen many Irish walking along the road and just dropping their litter wherever…..even when they are literally next to a garbage can.

Also, in the tourist defense. None or very few of us own dogs. I don’t think the dog poop everywhere is from us. I think it’s from the Irish. Pick your dog poop up, it’s just as bad on the environment as the wrappers and plastic bottles everywhere.
This is a costal city, everything is being flushed into the Atlantic. If you are that concerned about being green don’t just make people buy a shopping bag for 20 cent, make them responsible for their actions when they drop liter, pee on the street and let their dogs poop everywhere.

You can’t just blame it on the tourists.

But maybe this is just my tourist mindset….

Anyone else feel this way?


Things I love, things I hate, things that can’t be put in a category.

Ireland, things I love

The Irish – they are phenomenal. They love Americans. They love people with Irish last names ( since I’m not Irish) they are just really really good people. CHEERS!

Adventra’s – aka going to centra with ellen

Efa – like Eva but with an “f”
My dads from Canada
You’re not very nice


Orange fanta- it’s amazing. It’s basically orange juice pop. NOM NOM.

Irish beer – I hate beer in the states. But beer in Ireland it’s brilliant. Bulmers is the best Irish cider but smithwicks ( pronounce smit-icks ) it’s the best regular Irish beer. It’s delicious. And Guinness tastes like BBQ sauce and is a meal. A pint weights 5 lbs … Not lying.

Irish food – DELICIOUS. I can’t even explain how amazingly yummy it is.

Walking- I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Dublin is a walking city. I love not having to have a car or a bike or some sort of motor vehicle to get places. Yay for being green Dublin!

Irish candy – raspberry Bon Bon are the best thing to ever hit my taste buds. I literally could eat 75 a day. NOMMMMMMM

Irish weather- it reminds me of fall, football season, and everything grand. It’s not to hot. Not to cold. Just perfect ! Yay for the good weather.

Tk Maxx – also know as tj Maxx.


things I don’t love

Drunken Irish people- there are a lot of them. All day. No matter where you are. And I’m not talking oops I have one to many pints. I’m talking oops I drank a whole keg to myself and the entire Jameson distillery. Falling all over the place…. Peeing on the street ( yes you’re allow to to that and not get arrested.)

Irish vomit – yep. If you see a random wet spot on the foot path… Immediately walk around, over, change roots whatever…. That’s vomit. It’s everywhere. I warned you.

Birds- the pigeons are everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Avoid in the greens. They will try and steal your food. They are fat. Some have only one foot. Some will swarm at your head. Occasionally they might poop on you … But I hear that’s good luck.

Alcohol – it’s expensive. I’m talking 6 euro for a pint … That’s like 9 American dollars. Drinking is expensive, very very expensive.

Irish food – it’s expensive…. Minimum 6 euro for a sandwich, just a sandwich no chips ( French fries). Dinners are around 13 euro and that’s cheap.

Irish fashion – the 80s and early 90s called and want their clothes back. The Jelly sandals can stay tho.

Irish teeth – dentil floss people, Dentil floss.

things I can’t really put into categories
Pregnant people – They are everywhere

Tourists – they are everywhere

Streets- The loud street I live on

Stores – centra , aldi, tk Maxx, pennies

Shoes – chuck Taylor’s are EVERYWHERE. I need me some.

Power- I like power

Wifi- I like wifi

The people I’m here with – I love them all

that’s all I can think of for now.


Hating my internship

I hate my internship.
I came all the way to Ireland to work in my dream career field. I’m not even working for a real museum.
I’m one of 13 interns at the small museum with only 3 full time staff members….
They have another intern cleaning a music box from the early 1900s with wood cleaner from the euro giant.
There isn’t even an archive of artifacts, everything on the walls in paper and They don’t practice proper conservation with the paper. They have had a first addition book open to the last page for 3 years. When one pages shouldn’t be exposed to light for more than 2 weeks.
I wish there was something I could do I feel like I’ve wasted my time and money coming to Dublin. The director and the curator are best friends who opened the museum as a business and don’t have an education in the museum field.

Any suggestions on what to do? I’ve tried bringing up suggestions but they don’t care and continue to do things their own way.

Week one of interning complete & a trip to Galway

So my entire post deleted. That’s that. I don’t feel like re typing it at the moment.


So we left Dublin and took a 2 hour bus ride to Galway dropped our bags ( I packed for the whole weekend in a single pack pack – dad you would be proud ) at the hostel and hopped on another hour bus to the cliffs of Moher. I guess the filmed a part of harry potter there which was AWESOME. The cliffs were breathtaking. I did think they would be bigger but none the less it was an experience of a life time. The weather was perfect, not to hot and not to cold. There was a breeze and it was just, as the Irish would say brill (short for brilliant).



And I of course did a little yoga


After we spent two hours ( which was not nearly enough time ) hiking around the cliffs. We all hopped back on the bus home. I forgot to mention the tour de Ireland that was happening on the way up cork screw hill on the way to the cliffs. So instead of an hour and a half it took us more than 2 hours to get to cliffs and a really jerky start and stop that made us all motion sick. But anyway, the ride home didn’t take nearly as long and I think most of is slept anyway.

When we got back the hostel our amazing coordinator bought us papa johns pizza. That’s right, an American brand! She loves pizza & talks about American pizza a lot. We all are really fast and some of the group showered really quickly and we all headed out to explore Galway. Most shops in Ireland close really early like before 5 o’clock early. So we didn’t get to go in the stores but I think my wallet thanks them. We ended up going to the Galway bay to watch the sunset and see what they call the post card houses.


I like the red one the best.

We then went exploring a little more and found a beach. We spent an hour talking and taking pictures. I’m thankful for this trip because everyone in our group got to bond and form friendships, we literally all get along.



After that we walked around some more and we found the oldest jewelry store in Ireland and the place that the claddagh ring was created. It was closed but I got a picture !



After that we went back to the hostel, hung out and went to bed.

Day 2, Arab Islands.
Literally one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.
We biked around the island. Which was amazing! We stopped at where their seal colony was supposed to be and didn’t see anything so the girls climbed an old rock structure for a picture.


It was pretty cool.
We biked some more and stopped at the most gorgeous beach on earth. The water was blue like the Bahamas. And it was just breath taking. I can’t even explain it in words.




There were dead jelly fish everywhere.

So we biked some more and ended up at a little village . Where we hiked up to it an old fort. And there were more cliffs. I think the Aran cliffs were scarier and more beautiful that moher.




We ate lunch at a little
Cafe that had the best food on earth and then we biked back the the ferry. It was half uphill and then you could literally coast all the way down the other half of the hill. It was brill!

My half of the group got back early so we went shopping! I got myself a silver clover necklace which i had been wanting for 50% off! I wanted the clover necklace so I could put my st.patrick charm on it.


After than we hopped back on the ferry, which had a bar on it. Only in Ireland! Then ran and hopped on our 2 hour bus back the Dublin.
We got back just after 9, stopped at centra (Walgreens in the states), ate some snacks and went to bed!

That’s all for now,

13 days, well almost 12z

So…. Two weeks until I leave on my big adventure. to scratch off one of my top five bucket list dreams; work in Europe!

I finally booked my hotel for the first 3 nights that I will be in Dublin before I can move into my apartment. I am staying at a hostel in the heart of the bar district .. Not the best for jet lag.. But I know the first stop I’ll make anyway will be to drink a Guinness. I mean, when in Dublin!


I’ve started packing! Which is kind of surreal. I’ve started doing my laundry and putting everything in my suitcase ! It’s so soon! I feel like I’m almost done packing. I’m trying to pack really light. I’m a girl, I know I’ll go shopping ! The more room when I leave just means more room I’ll have to buy gifts for family / friends… And myself !

I’m just getting really excited ! I hope that this opportunity helps me to network and hopefully start a career in Europe. my dream.


3 weeks till Dublin!


So I thought I would share some of my thoughts. It has been awhile since I have posted because, well, life has been crazy.
I graduated 3 weeks ago with my undergraduate in history! Yay me! I found out the next day I was accepted into the graduate program I wanted to start in the fall. So things are looking pretty good! 

Anyway, So I leave for Dublin in about 20 days! Time has just flew by. I have a small pile of clothes started in my closet for things to pack. a few skirts, some pants, blazers (those are hung), and some comfy clothes. I feel like the pile on the floor is a start but still a procrastination. Once everything is in the suitcase it’ll feel SO MUCH more real!

I convince my best friend to meet me in Paris, France when my internship is over! I am so incredibly excited. We will be spending 8 days in paris together! We found a relatively cheap hotel close to all the museums. So she is totally enabling my history buff to be in full force. I cannot wait to see the Louvre & Versailles. I am not sure which one I am more excited about. 

I was sent this youtube video about packing, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tVNFOlZ-6U&feature=youtu.be . I am not sure how i feel about it… maybe you could tell me..

Anyway, thats all for now