A final post from the dirty Dubb

Today is my last day in Ireland. I can’t believe what a crazy summer this was. I would say I can’t believe it went by so fast but I knew it would.

First I would like to outline my last few days for you all.

Wednesday I worked a normal day and then went out to get Thai food for the first time as a goodbye dinner with my co-workers. It was interesting, not my favorite. I probably won’t eat it again. It was really amazing being able to hang out with all of them a little extra too. They all made my stay a little more enjoyable since I LOVED going to work

Thursday was my last day of work and the only day I literally had work up till 5 pm .. So that was really funny. It was really weird saying goodbye to people you might never see again – even though we are friends on Facebook.
After work, Lisa took us for our goodbye dinner. Which you would have thought she would take us for Irish food… Well she actually took us for Italian food at an Italian restaurant she already took us to… So that was annoying.. It want ever good Italian food just pizza. My thoughts on that. Just because your the coordinator and you like Italian and want Italian doesn’t mean you should take us there for our last meal. Especially if we are the ones paying for it in our original costs. … I know it’s childish but I will be complaining about that one.

Friday Since I didn’t have to work I slept in and packed. And then Mirella cooked us a traditional Brazilian lunch. It was AMAZING. I can’t even explain.



After that I packed some more.
In the evening, Ellen, Steve, Rachel, Mirella and I headed to mulligans because I wanted to try the cask beer and ellen wanted a dinner. Laura and the frenchies met us later on.
The cask beer was gross. It might have been because it was mango flavored but it was literally disgusting. Well at least I know that now.



We went on a final Adventra to buy snacks and I cried when I said goodbye to Ellen, Steven and Rachel.

I came here not expecting to make friend to just come and work. But honestly, I made some amazing friends and amazing experiences that I literally won’t ever be able to explain to anyone else except the people who were here with me.

Ellen, thank you for always being there and being my rock of this trip. For not shaming me when I wanted to lay in bed and watch Netflix or eat a whole bag of candy. I never expected to make a friend like you but I’m so glad I did. Thanks a mill – you’re very nice 😉

On that note I need to finish packing up my room.

My next post will be from FRANCE!!!

Until next time ireland,