A final post from the dirty Dubb

Today is my last day in Ireland. I can’t believe what a crazy summer this was. I would say I can’t believe it went by so fast but I knew it would.

First I would like to outline my last few days for you all.

Wednesday I worked a normal day and then went out to get Thai food for the first time as a goodbye dinner with my co-workers. It was interesting, not my favorite. I probably won’t eat it again. It was really amazing being able to hang out with all of them a little extra too. They all made my stay a little more enjoyable since I LOVED going to work

Thursday was my last day of work and the only day I literally had work up till 5 pm .. So that was really funny. It was really weird saying goodbye to people you might never see again – even though we are friends on Facebook.
After work, Lisa took us for our goodbye dinner. Which you would have thought she would take us for Irish food… Well she actually took us for Italian food at an Italian restaurant she already took us to… So that was annoying.. It want ever good Italian food just pizza. My thoughts on that. Just because your the coordinator and you like Italian and want Italian doesn’t mean you should take us there for our last meal. Especially if we are the ones paying for it in our original costs. … I know it’s childish but I will be complaining about that one.

Friday Since I didn’t have to work I slept in and packed. And then Mirella cooked us a traditional Brazilian lunch. It was AMAZING. I can’t even explain.



After that I packed some more.
In the evening, Ellen, Steve, Rachel, Mirella and I headed to mulligans because I wanted to try the cask beer and ellen wanted a dinner. Laura and the frenchies met us later on.
The cask beer was gross. It might have been because it was mango flavored but it was literally disgusting. Well at least I know that now.



We went on a final Adventra to buy snacks and I cried when I said goodbye to Ellen, Steven and Rachel.

I came here not expecting to make friend to just come and work. But honestly, I made some amazing friends and amazing experiences that I literally won’t ever be able to explain to anyone else except the people who were here with me.

Ellen, thank you for always being there and being my rock of this trip. For not shaming me when I wanted to lay in bed and watch Netflix or eat a whole bag of candy. I never expected to make a friend like you but I’m so glad I did. Thanks a mill – you’re very nice ūüėČ

On that note I need to finish packing up my room.

My next post will be from FRANCE!!!

Until next time ireland,

A blog about Briee

Brie [bree] noun

a salted, white, soft cheese, ripened with bacterial action, originatingin Brie.
Why am I writing a blog about brie? Well you see, The office fridge stinks. It has stunk for about 3 days time. We haven’t been able to figure out where the stench has been coming from. However, today and yesterday we have been blaming it on Lorcan’s Brie cheese. He insisted that it was not the brie but we all know he was LYING. It is in fact, the stinky brie, that is stinking up the office.
So this is a blog about the stinky brie, in the stinky fridge, in the stinky office because Lorcan brought in the stinky brie ..  Since I have a few minutes of free time on my last day of work in an office that smells like stinky brie, it only seems appropriate to write a stinky blog, about stinky brie cheese.
Non stinky,

The last Monday & Tuesday

Monday was a bank holiday and it was AMAZING. I ended up going with Mirella to pheonic park with her friends from English school.

I got to meet some really amazing people.

Ellen and I even taught the guys how to properly throw an american football,
i think they are forever grateful – (even though i had no idea what i was doing)

It was really amazing being able to go and interact with so many international students that were fro outside the US. 

also i got to try some real Spanish omelette which I learned about in Spanish sooo that was awesome! it was delicious as well


Tuesday, was just another average work day working on spread sheets &  imputing data for lorcan Рmy boss Рhe wants a shout out on my blog. So here you go lorcan.
After work i hung out at my apartment for a little while and watched some netflix, ate dinner, and then Ellen and I went to a pub next to our apartment called Mulligans. My boss told me to go there, i guess Miley Cyrus was there a couple months ago… so of course all the more reason to go there.¬†
Ellen and I both had a pint of Galway hooker which is a dark beer sort of like Guinness. It was delicious. We are planing on going back to Mulligan’s because they have cask beer tasting for 2.50 for a half pint and you get 3 of them! So I will definitely go back and do that. even if she doesn’t want to ill probably go alone haha im a loser


Wednesday,¬†Another day another dollar – except I work for free…..
today after work my co-workers and I are going out to Soba (?) a Thai food restaurant to celebrate the end of my internship. I am really sad. I really don’t want to leave. I have come to really enjoy the company of my co-workers they are all amazing people. I really cant believe I am leaving in 3 days. sad face…

This morning for breakfast I had a kaiser roll… which was really a Pasczki ! It was delicious, the raspberry filling was to DIE FOR. it literally raspberries not the fake raspberry jelly filling from the states that you get for fat tuesday.. I might go back and get another one tomorrow… don’t tell me ill get fat.. its my last week in Ireland..


Anyway, thats all for now








Hello All,

So I need to vent a bit. – Kyle I know you are rolling your eyes at me now.

Ok, so I have officially been living in Ireland for 2 months. I really HATE when people try to tell me things about ireland/europe when they havent been here for years or have never been here at all in their life. I am sure that its just me, but I find it extremely annoying. Dont tell me because you honestly dont know.

I think I know by now enough without you having to be a know it all about europe. If you have never been here please dont tell me that I am wrong and that you knowwwww more than I do, becuase you dont. I really dont care how many books/articles/pictures/facebookgroups you have read or a part of… or that you are irish ( the irish actually have a name for ‘irish americans’ its called plastic irish) being here is totally different. You never really ¬†fully understand the irish culture or the european culture until you have experience it yourself or withing the last couple of years.

rant over


A Bank Holiday Weekend

I am now officially in my last 7 days in the Dirty Dubbs.
I am soooo excited for PARIS!!

Like always I don’t work fridays. So I was able to enjoy some extra shut eye.
Friday evening was a huge culture blast for me.
Laura my suite mate from yale invited me to go out to dinner with her and her boss to go do karaoke.
Her boss is Chinadian (which means chinese canadian) he made reservations for a private room in the chinese restaurant. The room was in the basement, and it had a private tv/selector for karaoke. So only our party would be allowed in the room and able to hear the glory of our voices.
He ordered 7 different dishes for us, and 2 appetizers. It was sort of like a tapa’s style. where everyone shares the dishes. You don’t use a plate either. You just spin the dishes around on a giant lazy suzane and grab what you want and put it in your mouth. The only table setting you have is a bowl for rice.
It was pretty cool. I also impressed them with my chop stick skills! YAYY Me!
The only thing that was disappointing was that I had to pay 27 USD for the meal… which was ALOT… Oh, well. I guess this was an experience I wouldn’t have had anywhere else.

Yesterday, Saturday it pissed rain all day long. Ellen and I woke up early and went to get breakfast in the square down the road for us. We ate outside under the canopy since there isn’t air conditioning in Europe and it was like 1 mill degrees inside.
After breakfast we walked to Parnell street and did some shopping. I finally found a gift for my dad. So I am officially done with souvenirs! HALLA.
After that we came back the our apartments and Emily messaged me to come over. Her iPhone & wallet were stolen last friday night (she went out with a bunch of the CIS’ers to a club, kinda glad i skipped that one). We had to try and figure out a way to get her money from the states. I wish there was something I could do to get her stuff back. Luckily she leaves in 8 days to go home.
Later in the evening I just watched netflix since the rain was making me sleepy.

However, Laura & the frenchies invited me to play a card game with them. Let me tell you… playing cards with 4 people who speak english as their second language is VERY entertaining. Although, I didn’t understand when they would speak to each other in french I love watching them yell at each other and accuse each other of cheating. It was Fab.

Anyway today is Sunday, I don’t have any real plans for the day. So thats That.

Tomorrow is a bank holiday and we don’t have work. So I only have a 3 day work week, and 3 days total left of irish work! YAYY ME!

-Im ready for my next adventure but I’m not ready to say goodbye to Ellen & everyone else I met here.