A blog about Briee

Brie [bree] noun

a salted, white, soft cheese, ripened with bacterial action, originatingin Brie.
Why am I writing a blog about brie? Well you see, The office fridge stinks. It has stunk for about 3 days time. We haven’t been able to figure out where the stench has been coming from. However, today and yesterday we have been blaming it on Lorcan’s Brie cheese. He insisted that it was not the brie but we all know he was LYING. It is in fact, the stinky brie, that is stinking up the office.
So this is a blog about the stinky brie, in the stinky fridge, in the stinky office because Lorcan brought in the stinky brie ..  Since I have a few minutes of free time on my last day of work in an office that smells like stinky brie, it only seems appropriate to write a stinky blog, about stinky brie cheese.
Non stinky,

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