The last Monday & Tuesday

Monday was a bank holiday and it was AMAZING. I ended up going with Mirella to pheonic park with her friends from English school.

I got to meet some really amazing people.

Ellen and I even taught the guys how to properly throw an american football,
i think they are forever grateful – (even though i had no idea what i was doing)

It was really amazing being able to go and interact with so many international students that were fro outside the US. 

also i got to try some real Spanish omelette which I learned about in Spanish sooo that was awesome! it was delicious as well


Tuesdaywas just another average work day working on spread sheets &  imputing data for lorcan – my boss – he wants a shout out on my blog. So here you go lorcan.
After work i hung out at my apartment for a little while and watched some netflix, ate dinner, and then Ellen and I went to a pub next to our apartment called Mulligans. My boss told me to go there, i guess Miley Cyrus was there a couple months ago… so of course all the more reason to go there. 
Ellen and I both had a pint of Galway hooker which is a dark beer sort of like Guinness. It was delicious. We are planing on going back to Mulligan’s because they have cask beer tasting for 2.50 for a half pint and you get 3 of them! So I will definitely go back and do that. even if she doesn’t want to ill probably go alone haha im a loser


Wednesday, Another day another dollar – except I work for free…..
today after work my co-workers and I are going out to Soba (?) a Thai food restaurant to celebrate the end of my internship. I am really sad. I really don’t want to leave. I have come to really enjoy the company of my co-workers they are all amazing people. I really cant believe I am leaving in 3 days. sad face…

This morning for breakfast I had a kaiser roll… which was really a Pasczki ! It was delicious, the raspberry filling was to DIE FOR. it literally raspberries not the fake raspberry jelly filling from the states that you get for fat tuesday.. I might go back and get another one tomorrow… don’t tell me ill get fat.. its my last week in Ireland..


Anyway, thats all for now








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