Hello All,

So I need to vent a bit. – Kyle I know you are rolling your eyes at me now.

Ok, so I have officially been living in Ireland for 2 months. I really HATE when people try to tell me things about ireland/europe when they havent been here for years or have never been here at all in their life. I am sure that its just me, but I find it extremely annoying. Dont tell me because you honestly dont know.

I think I know by now enough without you having to be a know it all about europe. If you have never been here please dont tell me that I am wrong and that you knowwwww more than I do, becuase you dont. I really dont care how many books/articles/pictures/facebookgroups you have read or a part of… or that you are irish ( the irish actually have a name for ‘irish americans’ its called plastic irish) being here is totally different. You never really  fully understand the irish culture or the european culture until you have experience it yourself or withing the last couple of years.

rant over



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