A Bank Holiday Weekend

I am now officially in my last 7 days in the Dirty Dubbs.
I am soooo excited for PARIS!!

Like always I don’t work fridays. So I was able to enjoy some extra shut eye.
Friday evening was a huge culture blast for me.
Laura my suite mate from yale invited me to go out to dinner with her and her boss to go do karaoke.
Her boss is Chinadian (which means chinese canadian) he made reservations for a private room in the chinese restaurant. The room was in the basement, and it had a private tv/selector for karaoke. So only our party would be allowed in the room and able to hear the glory of our voices.
He ordered 7 different dishes for us, and 2 appetizers. It was sort of like a tapa’s style. where everyone shares the dishes. You don’t use a plate either. You just spin the dishes around on a giant lazy suzane and grab what you want and put it in your mouth. The only table setting you have is a bowl for rice.
It was pretty cool. I also impressed them with my chop stick skills! YAYY Me!
The only thing that was disappointing was that I had to pay 27 USD for the meal… which was ALOT… Oh, well. I guess this was an experience I wouldn’t have had anywhere else.

Yesterday, Saturday it pissed rain all day long. Ellen and I woke up early and went to get breakfast in the square down the road for us. We ate outside under the canopy since there isn’t air conditioning in Europe and it was like 1 mill degrees inside.
After breakfast we walked to Parnell street and did some shopping. I finally found a gift for my dad. So I am officially done with souvenirs! HALLA.
After that we came back the our apartments and Emily messaged me to come over. Her iPhone & wallet were stolen last friday night (she went out with a bunch of the CIS’ers to a club, kinda glad i skipped that one). We had to try and figure out a way to get her money from the states. I wish there was something I could do to get her stuff back. Luckily she leaves in 8 days to go home.
Later in the evening I just watched netflix since the rain was making me sleepy.

However, Laura & the frenchies invited me to play a card game with them. Let me tell you… playing cards with 4 people who speak english as their second language is VERY entertaining. Although, I didn’t understand when they would speak to each other in french I love watching them yell at each other and accuse each other of cheating. It was Fab.

Anyway today is Sunday, I don’t have any real plans for the day. So thats That.

Tomorrow is a bank holiday and we don’t have work. So I only have a 3 day work week, and 3 days total left of irish work! YAYY ME!

-Im ready for my next adventure but I’m not ready to say goodbye to Ellen & everyone else I met here.



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