Dream with the Angels

This is the end of my 7th week in Dublin, only one more to go.
I just went to work and came home. Nothing really exciting.
I did get free burrito’s twice this week for lunch. Which made me really happy.
I also went to see a movie with my co-worker gretal who is the other intern, but our boss ended up telling us the wrong show time date. So we went to eddie rockets, which is the same thing as johnny rockets and talked. it was fun. I really like her.

Yesterday Ellen, Emily, Mirella and myself went to phoenix park and we feed the fallow deer. It was AMAZING. They literally walk right up to you and eat out of your hand. it was amazing!! We plan on going back again, Yayyyys.

My new roomie is farm brazil,
last night before bed we were talking about how we say goodnight in our countries. She told me that before they go to bed they say
“Goodnight and dream with the angels.”
I honestly think that is one of the most beautiful things that I have learned while I was here in Ireland.

My time is coming to an end and I’m really excited/sad but I am ready for my next adventure in Graduate school. i know that these last 2.5 months will stay with me forever and i’ll look back at the times I’ve shared and laugh with happiness. I know that only the things that are funny here won’t be funny to anyone at home who wasn’t here to experience them, and for that I thank you Dublin.


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