I think I offended my boss…

Ireland is supposedly very “green”, not in the literal sense like the natural beauty but the environmentally friendly type.
When you go to the grocery store you arnt given a bag, you either buy a plastic bag for 20 cent or you carry them in your arms, backpack, reusable bag, or the plastic bag you bought 20 grocery trips ago. I like this.

however,today my boss had me run an errand to get some extra supplies and such for the office. She was telling me to bring my own bag since they don’t give them out. Which I knew and was thankful for the extra advice.

She told me the Irish do this because
“We are green!”
I retorted, without thinking (oops)
” but you don’t pick up the streets? ”
I think she got a little mad ….because she then prompted to tell me that
“I didn’t live in a nice area.” Which I agreed and then she also said “it’s the tourist too.”
“We liter because we don’t care.”
I told her then that “where I live isn’t touristy”
She then said “well you live in an international apartment complex, that’s why.”

To each his own, I understand yes some tourist liter but the entire city is dirty. I have seen many Irish walking along the road and just dropping their litter wherever…..even when they are literally next to a garbage can.

Also, in the tourist defense. None or very few of us own dogs. I don’t think the dog poop everywhere is from us. I think it’s from the Irish. Pick your dog poop up, it’s just as bad on the environment as the wrappers and plastic bottles everywhere.
This is a costal city, everything is being flushed into the Atlantic. If you are that concerned about being green don’t just make people buy a shopping bag for 20 cent, make them responsible for their actions when they drop liter, pee on the street and let their dogs poop everywhere.

You can’t just blame it on the tourists.

But maybe this is just my tourist mindset….

Anyone else feel this way?



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