Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

What a beautiful sign.
Northern Ireland has to be my favorite part of the trip. I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it was, but I’ll try.

We left Brunswick at 7 am and arrive in the UK around 10. We immediately went to the titanic museum. The architecture alone was beautiful.


It was really interesting, I didn’t know that the titanic was made in Belfast and that the last port it left was in cork. – the things the movies leave out.

After the titanic museum we went on the black cab tour- our cab was actually grey… Liars.

The black cab your highlighted the tension between the Protestants and the Catholics of the region. They have been fighting for 100s of years. The Republic of Ireland flag represents these fighting with the Protestants as the orange part of the Irish flag and the Catholics as the green part of the flag, the white between the two represents the peace between them.
The Protestants of Northern Ireland are loyal to the queen and the Catholics don’t and feel they should be an independent nation. Every July 3rd the Protestants March through the city and burn giant Bon fires to commemorate a battle that happened a long time ago. On top of these giant Bon fires ( which are 5 stories high of pallets) is a Republic of Ireland flag and fake bodies of Catholics. It’s really intense.

My moms boss told me not to wear green or orange in Ireland, but it’s not in the republic. This only applies in Northern Ireland. We actually had a catholic yell at our “cabbie” when he was telling us a story.

The weirdest part is that there is a wall dividing the city between the Catholics and the Protestants. They shut the gates every night at 6 and reopen them every morning. They call this wall the peace wall. It reminded me of the hunger games. I got to sign my name on the wall, that was pretty cool.



After the black cab tour we went back to the hotel for dinner. I wasn’t hungry so I stopped at the most beautiful pub in the world. It’s called the crown liquor salon.

Day two;
We woke up early and then went to the row bridge.
It was misting like crazy, but it literally made the scenery more beautiful.
The water scared the crap out of me but I really enjoyed it.


After that we had lunch in Cis which consisted of a bag of chips and a juice box…. Thanks Cis.

We then went to giants causeway which has been in my bucket list for years. Ellen and I walked ahead of the group and literally saw everything it was amazing.


The rocks we’re just phenomenal.



After that, we just drove home. Our bus driver got really lost and it took almost 5 hours to get home. If was ridic.


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