Michigan is a lot like Ireland

For me, I always thought that I wanted to move to Europe after graduation to work. With my history degree & art history minor it just kind of made sense. I have always said its my dream. Well this summer I guess you could say that I made that dream happen but now going into my 5th week of living here I am not sure that I want to permanently reside here. Maybe its just Dublin, and I’ll change my mind once I venture to Paris with my best friend Sharnee. But at this moment, Michigan is where I hope I’ll be.

For one, Ireland reminds me a lot of Michigan. I find my self always talking about the lakes and the UP. The trip kyle and I did last summer to pictured rocks. The Cliffs in northern Michigan may not be as big, but they are definitely as old, and have a way cooler story than just the ocean washing them away. I love my home state, I love the great lakes and the inland lakes. I love showing picture to my foreign roommates of the lakes. Michigan is just as green as Ireland except Michigan isn’t covered in mold from all the rain. I miss Michigan.

I also miss my friends and family. I realize being here that there is no way that I could be this far away from them. I know that they would all visit, hopefully once a year I would have a guest from home. However, I don’t think that would be enough. I miss kyle the most, he would be here by my side. Even though he says he wouldn’t I know he would follow me wherever my dreams took me. I miss my mom and dad, they have always been the biggest support of my dreams throughout my entire life. They have pushed me and enabled me to do everything and anything I want. From soccer for a couple weeks to basketball for a few days. Where ever my wandering heart lead me they supported me. I couldn’t live in a world where I couldn’t just drive over to the house to drink a coke form their fridge. Some may say that I am not independt but in reality I just have an amazing relationship with my parents that not many children have. I also don’t think I could live without my sorority sisters, my best friends, my rocks. My big Ariel doesn’t have an iPhone, So not talking to her has been one of the hardest things while living here. I can’t go through life without her or her new Husband. They are the Rocks to me and Kyle. Our best friends. I couldn’t live in a world where they couldn’t come over an eat all my cookies with her siblings. I love Ariel & Scott’s family, because their family is my family. I also couldn’t go through life without my best friends Caitlin & Sharnee. Luckily, they both have iPhones and we can continue our constant group iMessage.. But I miss them, I miss doing yoga, I miss their drive, I just miss them. I realize how lucky I am so say that I have best friends in them. They are together, some of the most ambitious women that I have ever met. They both strive to be doctors and are accomplishing their goals every day. Their drive, I know has rubbed off on me. I am one of a few who can say such beautiful, strong, smart women surround me. I also couldn’t live in a world where the rest of my sorority sisters weren’t, that includes running into Kayla at AppleBees. Or running into one of the Munday girls at target. I couldn’t live in a world where my sisters were not.

being in Ireland has shown me how beautiful of a life that I have in Michigan, and the beautiful people that surround me. I love you all and I can’t wait to come home to see you.

This quote came up in my travel journal and I think it applies very well

We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment

Thats all for Now, Jessie.


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