Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

One thing that I realized this week is that I haven’t mentioned the biggest part of my life. My husband. Yes, I am 23 and married.
After talking with some new friends I realized the reason that I usually don’t mention him.
Its not that I am ashamed or that I am embarrassed or that I don’t love him, it is simply the fact that I hate that everyone associates me as “the one whose married”.
Its hard for me because I feel I have accomplished so many things so far but for some reason the only thing people seem to remember about me is that I am married.

My Husband, is the most amazing person that I have ever met. Not only does he put up with me but he is so supportive of everything I do. Like letting me live in Europe for 8 Weeks. I am incredibly lucky to have found someone like him and that is exactly why he is mine.
We may fight and we may not be perfect, but I guarantee you we have the perfect relationship. There is nothing that I could not count on him for.

When you find someone and it makes sense, you keep them forever.



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