Officially 5 weeks in Ireland

Well all,

Sorry it’s been such a long time. I haven’t had power now for almost two weeks. It’s been extremely frustrating and expensive. It’s been a great growing and learning experience… But I’m over it. A lot has happened though so lemme try and back track…

My internship got switched, which is a total plus. I am now working for a non profit organization that was started here in Ireland to help under privileged children in Vietnam & Mongolia. The people I work with are phenomenal and I’m absolutely loving it. If it wasn’t for them I would be on a flight back to the states.


Also, I went on a day trip to Wicklow, glendalough, and Killkenny. It was absolutely breath taking. The Wicklow mountains were gorgeous and there was this beautiful little lake at the top which was pretty amazing, the water was really warm to. I wanted to jump in !



We didn’t have a lot of time to do much in Kilkenny. However, we are some really good food and toured the Kilkenny castle which was gorgeous. I also got a little nerdy with all the history and art but my internship friends let me embrace it and asked me lots of questions. That was pretty cool, thanks guys.


The entire day was just beautiful.

The next day I went to the national museum of archeology & history here. It was brilliant. They have these bog bodies that they discovered at the bottom of a bog. It was a little creepy but really awesome!


I also stopped at the national gallery. It was free so that was awesome. They had a lot of the art work that I studied my last semester. A gorgeous Vermeer


And a Gainsborough


It was amazing.

Also, I just got home and now I have power so that’s really amazing !! I’ll write more later.



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