Things I love, things I hate, things that can’t be put in a category.

Ireland, things I love

The Irish – they are phenomenal. They love Americans. They love people with Irish last names ( since I’m not Irish) they are just really really good people. CHEERS!

Adventra’s – aka going to centra with ellen

Efa – like Eva but with an “f”
My dads from Canada
You’re not very nice


Orange fanta- it’s amazing. It’s basically orange juice pop. NOM NOM.

Irish beer – I hate beer in the states. But beer in Ireland it’s brilliant. Bulmers is the best Irish cider but smithwicks ( pronounce smit-icks ) it’s the best regular Irish beer. It’s delicious. And Guinness tastes like BBQ sauce and is a meal. A pint weights 5 lbs … Not lying.

Irish food – DELICIOUS. I can’t even explain how amazingly yummy it is.

Walking- I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Dublin is a walking city. I love not having to have a car or a bike or some sort of motor vehicle to get places. Yay for being green Dublin!

Irish candy – raspberry Bon Bon are the best thing to ever hit my taste buds. I literally could eat 75 a day. NOMMMMMMM

Irish weather- it reminds me of fall, football season, and everything grand. It’s not to hot. Not to cold. Just perfect ! Yay for the good weather.

Tk Maxx – also know as tj Maxx.


things I don’t love

Drunken Irish people- there are a lot of them. All day. No matter where you are. And I’m not talking oops I have one to many pints. I’m talking oops I drank a whole keg to myself and the entire Jameson distillery. Falling all over the place…. Peeing on the street ( yes you’re allow to to that and not get arrested.)

Irish vomit – yep. If you see a random wet spot on the foot path… Immediately walk around, over, change roots whatever…. That’s vomit. It’s everywhere. I warned you.

Birds- the pigeons are everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Avoid in the greens. They will try and steal your food. They are fat. Some have only one foot. Some will swarm at your head. Occasionally they might poop on you … But I hear that’s good luck.

Alcohol – it’s expensive. I’m talking 6 euro for a pint … That’s like 9 American dollars. Drinking is expensive, very very expensive.

Irish food – it’s expensive…. Minimum 6 euro for a sandwich, just a sandwich no chips ( French fries). Dinners are around 13 euro and that’s cheap.

Irish fashion – the 80s and early 90s called and want their clothes back. The Jelly sandals can stay tho.

Irish teeth – dentil floss people, Dentil floss.

things I can’t really put into categories
Pregnant people – They are everywhere

Tourists – they are everywhere

Streets- The loud street I live on

Stores – centra , aldi, tk Maxx, pennies

Shoes – chuck Taylor’s are EVERYWHERE. I need me some.

Power- I like power

Wifi- I like wifi

The people I’m here with – I love them all

that’s all I can think of for now.



One thought on “Things I love, things I hate, things that can’t be put in a category.

  1. Haha, I completely agree with those loves and don’t loves! I’m also in love with the Irish spelling for Aoife, but my fiance’s work mate just called his little girl Aoife so I feel like I can’t claim it :3

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