Week one of interning complete & a trip to Galway

So my entire post deleted. That’s that. I don’t feel like re typing it at the moment.


So we left Dublin and took a 2 hour bus ride to Galway dropped our bags ( I packed for the whole weekend in a single pack pack – dad you would be proud ) at the hostel and hopped on another hour bus to the cliffs of Moher. I guess the filmed a part of harry potter there which was AWESOME. The cliffs were breathtaking. I did think they would be bigger but none the less it was an experience of a life time. The weather was perfect, not to hot and not to cold. There was a breeze and it was just, as the Irish would say brill (short for brilliant).



And I of course did a little yoga


After we spent two hours ( which was not nearly enough time ) hiking around the cliffs. We all hopped back on the bus home. I forgot to mention the tour de Ireland that was happening on the way up cork screw hill on the way to the cliffs. So instead of an hour and a half it took us more than 2 hours to get to cliffs and a really jerky start and stop that made us all motion sick. But anyway, the ride home didn’t take nearly as long and I think most of is slept anyway.

When we got back the hostel our amazing coordinator bought us papa johns pizza. That’s right, an American brand! She loves pizza & talks about American pizza a lot. We all are really fast and some of the group showered really quickly and we all headed out to explore Galway. Most shops in Ireland close really early like before 5 o’clock early. So we didn’t get to go in the stores but I think my wallet thanks them. We ended up going to the Galway bay to watch the sunset and see what they call the post card houses.


I like the red one the best.

We then went exploring a little more and found a beach. We spent an hour talking and taking pictures. I’m thankful for this trip because everyone in our group got to bond and form friendships, we literally all get along.



After that we walked around some more and we found the oldest jewelry store in Ireland and the place that the claddagh ring was created. It was closed but I got a picture !



After that we went back to the hostel, hung out and went to bed.

Day 2, Arab Islands.
Literally one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.
We biked around the island. Which was amazing! We stopped at where their seal colony was supposed to be and didn’t see anything so the girls climbed an old rock structure for a picture.


It was pretty cool.
We biked some more and stopped at the most gorgeous beach on earth. The water was blue like the Bahamas. And it was just breath taking. I can’t even explain it in words.




There were dead jelly fish everywhere.

So we biked some more and ended up at a little village . Where we hiked up to it an old fort. And there were more cliffs. I think the Aran cliffs were scarier and more beautiful that moher.




We ate lunch at a little
Cafe that had the best food on earth and then we biked back the the ferry. It was half uphill and then you could literally coast all the way down the other half of the hill. It was brill!

My half of the group got back early so we went shopping! I got myself a silver clover necklace which i had been wanting for 50% off! I wanted the clover necklace so I could put my st.patrick charm on it.


After than we hopped back on the ferry, which had a bar on it. Only in Ireland! Then ran and hopped on our 2 hour bus back the Dublin.
We got back just after 9, stopped at centra (Walgreens in the states), ate some snacks and went to bed!

That’s all for now,


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