So much craziness

Hi y’all !
So night one I went to dinner with my whole internship group. We got to eat a 3 course meal, see a traditional Irish band perform Irish music and watch tradition Irish dancing. It was amazing !



Day two:
I woke up for orientation. I was late, haha. Then we went in a Viking tour. Which is a type of your bus where you tell roar at everyone you see ! All the locals love it! We had one man in a suite who was waling alone roar at us. It was awesome !
Then we went to lunch and I got this pizza that had a salad on the inside ! It was sooo cool. I wouldn’t order it again though.
Then everyone went off and found their internships. Luckily I already knew where I was going so I didn’t have to go.
I went grocery shopping at a grocery store called fresh, it’s all organic food. Or at least it’s supposed to be. I paid €19 for noodles. pasta sauce. Bread, ham, cheese, mayo, sandwich bags and apples. I figured I could eat pasta for dinner every night and it’s SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS. So are the sandwiches I make for lunch. Basically everything is good!

Day three:
I am really lucky that another intern Rachel works next door to where I work so we get to walk together to and from work! It’s actually really pleasant. We talk and just take our time getting there. It’s about a 30 minute walk. I absolutely love that I can walk to work! I wish I could do it In Michigan.
My first day was typical of any first day. Just kind of feel out the company. I ended up having to reply to reviews that visitors posted about the little museum on trip advisor. Most people like the museum it’s rated number 9 for tourist attractions. So that’s kind of cool. I didn’t leave work for my lunch hour which I really regretted around 3 I needed a break to stand and stretch my feet. But felt weird doing it.
After work I went to a yoga class with another intern Ariel. It was a pretty basic class but I’m really happy I went.

Day four :
Yesterday my boss asked if I could bring my laptop to work. I didn’t feel comfortable commuting with it because if someone stole it I couldn’t replace it. So I was really nervous to tell her I didn’t want to walk with it. I had some really bad anxiety, but she ended up not caring at all! And she said my safety was pretty important and that they would have a computer for me. So that made me feel good!
I was given an actual assignment. My
Boss wanted me to research types of membership schemes for museums in American and write down a top 10 list. I ended up only finding 7 but at the end of the day she said she wanted me to help her create a membership scheme for the little museum. It’s relatively new (2011) so it’ll be kind of cool to say I was apart of the creation.
I left for lunch and ate on the green. Which was kind of amazing. I wish I could do it at home when I work. I always eat outside when I’m at my house. The work day just went on like any normal work down. And now I’m about to head off to a hatha yoga class that should be a little more advance.


Ps. Sorry there are no pictures. My internet isn’t working.

Pss. Lindsey and I finally got a new wardrobe so I just unpacked ! Yay


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