Goodbye hostel, hello apartment !

I guess I should clarify, I have been posting these all on my phone and not proofreading. I plan on going back through and making it look a little more professional.

Yesterday, which was Saturday I didn’t do much. I walked around graffton st. I found my internship, and stopped by st. Stevens green. After that I stopped at the market and bought some stuff for dinner.

Here is a picture from St. Stevens green


And here’s a picture of my cute internship


After all the I went back to my hotel room and slept. I guess all the walking gets to you. I woke up around 7pm and watched the rest of orange is the new black.
I finally for to talk to my mom, dad and grandpa. I also call kyle, while on the phone with him I packed my bag since I needed to check out at 10:30.

Today, I woke up and showered. Got ready and packed my bag. I checked out. I was really nervous because I had to hop on the tram. Which was basically my first time ever riding one of those. I made it to my stop ( it was the second one) got off. And literally had no idea where I was going. I had my two suite cases and back pack. Finally sort of figured out I had to be on the other side of the street. I crossed the tram tracks got to the other side of the street and pulled out my phone ( the gps still works even when you arnt connected to wifi, it’s an amazing thing to have). An Irish man hanging a poster asked if I needed directions, I told him where I was going and he pointed me in the right way. Which was kind of awesome.
I arrive at what I assumed was the right building and waited and waited and waited. Then I finally saw jack, the kid I met the other day with my coordinator. He let me in the building, and 3 other interns came in right after. We looked all over for my apartment and it wasn’t in the building. Lisa, our coordinator wasn’t back from the other arrivals so I just hung out with Emily, who was absolutely sweet. She’s from Kentucky and goes to school in Georgia.
Finally the land lord found me and told me I was in a completely different building, which kind of bummed me out that all the other interns will get to bond and hang out and I’m in a different building all together. Oh well.
I have roommate, her name is Lindsey. She’s super nice and from Ohio šŸ‘Ž but she goes to Alabama. So I guess I can give her the benefit of the doubt šŸ˜œ.

When I was making my
Bed I found a needle in it… So that was kind of weird and disturbing. Other than that, it’s ok. We just have one time little wardrobe that’s probably only big enough for one of us girls. I asked if they could bring another one. I’m going to really work to get another one.

However, the window is right on the main road, and people are always smoking under it and our room always smells like smoke and I can barely breathe. It doesn’t work with my asthma. If it doesn’t get better I might ask to switch room.


After I got somewhat settled
In we went to a pizza place. I orders soup, I wasn’t that hungry. And then we went to the Jameson distillery. It was way better than the Guinness storehouse. I would and plan to go back. Their 12 year old bottle of whiskey that you can only purchase here at the Dublin distillery only cost about 75 American dollars. I know I’ll be bringing back a few of those.


Currently Lindsey and I are just hanging out in our apartment. We have a dinner at 7. I’ll update tomorrow.



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