3 American girls and a welsh cricket team

So I’ll try not to bore you with majority of my day yesterday.
I laid in bed for awhile. Went to go meet my coordinator and realized that I was supposed to meet her at 1:30 not 11:30. My friends from yesterday went home so I ventured alone in the city. I went back to the area where my hotel was and walked
Around. I found a really
Cool skull shirt for kyle Carroll, I bought a hair dyer and razors. Then I was walking around and I saw a restaurant called Leo burdocks which is where my cabby told me had the best fish and chips. I went in there and the people behind the counter (it was basically fast food) told me to go next door they had the best. I thought it was weird that they turned away a paying customer but oh well. So I went next door to a pub called the storehouse. I sat at the bar, all by myself (kyle I know you’re proud of me) and ordered fish and chips,

They were pretty expensive,$17. The bartender talked to me for a little bit, and said he was going to Msu for a semester and asked where I went to school. Everyone that I have encountered has asked me if I go to state. I’m not sure why, it pisses me off every time.
Anyway so I went and walked around a little more then went back to my room and talked on the phone and such.

It was then really time to me Lisa, my coordinator. I walked the 4 minutes down the river to meet her. She’s super nice and super awesome. I could see us being friends. She’s from the same city niel from 1d is from ? Anyway, we meet another kid who got here early and went to lunch and Eddie rockets, basically the Irish version of Johnny rockets. Since I had already eaten ( I notice when I eat here I don’t get hungry for a super long amount of time ) I just ordered a chocolate milk shake, again for kyle Carroll’s sake. The chocolate here is so delicious. It’s more creamy. And not as fake tasting and doesn’t leave a weird after taste (same as the Guinness).


After that we parted ways and Lisa sent me in the direction of a store called penny’s to look for sunglasses. Penny’s is basically forever 21 mixed with Walmart. Everything is about €10 and super euro fashiony. Which is weird fashion. I didn’t like any of their sunglasses so I decided to walk around o’connell street which is the shopping district. I went in a ton of stores coach purses are about $1,000 here. However, all the stores I went into were having 50%-20% off everything. I’m not sure if that’s normal or not. I didn’t buy anything but I did find the European version of tj Maxx

Again everything was so expensive! I didn’t find anything. So I walked back to my room and hung out for a bit.

When I decided I decided u was hungry I went to the kitchen in
Hopes to find someone to accompany me. There was just a Brazilian guy. So I walked out and saw someone brushing there teeth. I decided to go on a whim and ask her if she wanted dinner. She said she was with her cousin and had to ask but that it sounded fun. Her cousin said yes and we went to a pub called trinity. The girls babes were Alex and Jackie and were from California. Super super nice, seriously so glad I met them ! I ordered a Guinness pie for dinner which was to die for. I’ll totally eat it again.


After dinner we decided to go to the pub crawl. It’s basically all the hostels pay ten euro and you get a free Guinness and a shot at the first 4 bars. The shits here are the size of my pinky.
We meet a kid jami from Texas and then about half our group was a welsh cricket team. They were all hilarious and made the night so much better ! One of the bars had beer pong and flip cup tables which was kind of cool. We played the welsh in flip cup and they beat us twice. And we came in for the final swoop. Then the Germans challenge the welsh to a game of beer pong and the “Americans” would come and save the welsh if they lost basically, I made a war joke… No one laughed.
Anyway so the pubs were cool and the we ended the night at two clubs. The clubs suck. Basically they all have more than one floor and a tunnel of mazes through them. So if you loose someone they could be gone forever. We lost Jackie for a solid hour. The clubs in Michigan everyone at least dances here they stand in packs on the dance floor and sing all the sings and that’s about it. We ended up leaving because one of the welsh tried to kiss me and Alex and I kept loosing Jackie.

The weird thing about the pub crawl is that we literally had no idea where we were and no one walked us / told us how to get home. I ended up asking the lead pub crawler ( what. Job to add to the résumé ) and he told us how to get home. We were 20 minutes from the hostel by foot so we started walking. The city is buzzing at night and since it was around 2:30am everyone was out and about. The coolest thing is that you can take your beer outside as long as you’re within a certain distance from the pub and stand and drink and smoke (which I don’t do) outside!
Jackie had to use the toilet (how they say it here) on our way home so we stopped and while she went inside I saw a girl in a taxi basically really really really drunk and the cabby getting pissed. Alex and I walked up to the cabby and asked if she needed help and he basically looked at us like we were freaks. We help the girl get out of the cab, she then vomited all over herself , poor girl. And she asked us if we were American, and said we were the nicest Americans she had met, thanks Drunk girl best compliment ever! So we asked if she knew where she was going, she mumbled off her address said she didn’t need help and ran / stumbled down the street to another cabby, who was hopefully nice and not Indian and could take her home.
Finally we made it to the hostel, I was tired & wanted to talk to kyle so I parted ways with Alex & Jackie, they went to another pub and I went upstairs to change.
That was basically my day.


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