What is jet lag?

Well hello friends and family,

I have made it safe and sound to Dublin. I successfully had my first day and full nights rest.
( I’m not going to post pictures in this blog post because the wifi at my hotel works but not well enough to post pictures. )

Tuesday night (in the states) I went to bed at 7pm and work up around 1 am. My plan was that I would stay up all the way until my flight to Dublin and then sleep over night until I arrive ( 3 am EST 8 am IRT ). Which sort of worked in my favor! Before boarding my flight to Chicago I was doing the embarrassing sleeping head nod. But once I got on the tiny little American eagle plane, I couldn’t sleep. I think it’s because of excitement! My flight was running a little late, which made me nervous because i only had a 1 hour lay over in Chicago. Which was nice, but not nearly enough time. Once we landed I went to the bathroom ( here in Dublin they just call it the toilet ) and hurried on my way to my gate ( luckily not stopping to look for food ) I got to the packed gate, sat down, hurried and called my kyle and my mom and while on the phone with kyle they started boarding the plane! Seriously, I would have cried if I missed that flight.

The flight was amazing. I sat next to an Irish man. Well not really sat some how we managed to not have anyone sit between us! I was on one of those planes that has 2 seats 3 in the middle (where I was) and 2 more on the other side. I’m not sure how we got so lucky. But he let me use the extra pillow with helped me to sleep and extra blanket! And we could put out backpacks and such in the middle seat. My seat was at the back, and by back I mean 3 rows away from the back wall. I was nervous because I was told that this was a bad seat but really it was perfect. Close to the bathroom and no babies crying. I would sit there again!

My thoughts on American Airlines, definitely fly them if you are going over seas! I guess I didn’t really understand the whole international rules. But they came around with drinks the first time ( I guess you can get free wine? I didn’t realize this until talking with someone from the states) then they came around with drinks and the pretzels packet. I devoured them because I thought it was all we got, how I was so wrong. Then around an hour and a half into the flight i started smelling something delicious It also woke me up out of the head nod sleep I was trying to do. Funny how food can immediately wipe away drowsiness. So I thought, those batches in first class get real food and all we get was pretzels packets. Nope, we got the delicious food too! I thought the food was gonna be gross microwave food. But it wasn’t. We had a choice between chicken potatoes and green beans it “pasta and sauce” is what my stuetress said. It wasn’t pasta and sauce it was manicotti ! My favorite meal, it wasn’t the best manicotti I have ever had but it was absolutely amazing. When I asked the Irishman how his meal was he said tasteless like all airplane food. So definetely get the pasta. The meal also came with a salad, crackers and cheese, a cookie, dinner roll and water. Who can eat that much food ? I have no idea but I thought it was my last support for 6 hours so I stuffed my belly ( bad idea I looked 8 months pregnant the rest if the time with little airline food baby ). I fell asleep 10 minutes Into the first movie and slept until breakfast, which was served and hour and a half before landing. I wasn’t hungry but I took it anyway, they have us yogurt, a croissant, a cookie and water. I ate the yogurt figuring better safe then sorry, wrapped the croissant up in napkins and figured I could save on good for the day and eat it for lunch and put it in my bag. I stayed up the rest if the flight and landed safely.

My first experience with customs was very intense. It took about an hour to get through the line and then when I got to the window all the men behind the glass were talking about a fake passport that just went through, how it was missing a water mark, and that it was a really good fake. That made me super nervous… I totally thought that was something only in movies. The Irish man asked me a ton of questions and then when I told him I was staying ten weeks he wanted me to prove it so luckily I had all the emails printed out and handed it to him. It was very intense.

After,I grappled my luggage, got some cash and tried to get a cab. This made me nervous thanks to all the people asking me if I’ve seen taken recently. The cab ride was about 35 US dollars. But I was alone and that’s fine. The bus you can take is about 4 US dollars. But oh well. I know for next time. The cabby dropped me off at my hostel. Yep, I’m staying in a hostel. But I have my own bedroom and bathroom a it’s basically a hotel room. I would totally come back to this hostel. It’s literally in the middle of everything ! And I would get this room again. I don’t think I could do the regular hostel life.

Anyway, I got to the hostel and told the man I was checking in, by this time it was around 10 am. But I guess you can’t check check in until 2:30. But I could leave all my luggage in a locket closet and walk around which was cool. I asked if I could change and swapped into jeans. I walked out the front door of the hostel to go to the trinity library. When a kid with blonde hair approached me. He said “do you want to hang out today?”
I looked back at him and said “are you a rapest”
He looked at me and laughed and said ” no, in staying here too. I just thought you looked like you’d want someone to walk around the city with, I’m Eric”
I laughed and told him ” I’m sorry, I’ve been told about the movie taken to many times recently , and I didn’t want you to kidnap me.”
He just laughed at me. After feeling him out I realize he was fine. He went to Purdue ( he had a Purdue shirt on ) and was from Indiana. He went to the trinity library with me. I’m kind of glad I had a man with me now on my first day.

Trinity library was pretty cool! The book of kells was kinda lame.
After that we went back to the hostel. Eric went in a pub crawl the night before and needed water. We also picked up one of his bunk mates joe and we headed to the Guinness brewery, it was super touristy. And not worth 18 US dollars. The beer was SOO different from the states. The pint literally weighted about 4 lbs and tasted like barbecue sauce.

After that the guys were hungry so we stopped a grocery story called lidl which was pretty cheap and they got lunch stuff / we decided to make dinner, the hostel has a kitchen to use. We just got chicken and pasta. I was kind of bummed because I really wanted to eat Irish food. But spending the day with these guys cost a lot more money than I really wanted to spend. But oh well. I had a fun first day.
We got back to the hostel and they went to take a nap and I checked in. The line was literally out the door. It was a big cluster fuck. Excuse my language mom and dad. I finally got checked in and went to meet back up with Eric and joe. They wanted to go to st. Patricks. Which was fine with me. I had a purpose for going there. It was beautiful. After studying gothic architecture in art history being able to see it was something else. Prettier be more amazing than anything I’ve ever seen. They had the knights masks on pole around where the father speaks. It was just berth taking. I’ll definitely go back. I want to attend a service too.

After that we went back to the hostel and made dinner where we ran into to Australians they were going to go watch the World Cup. We we tagged along. Except I don’t like soccer “football” I don’t know anything about it, and I was getting really tired. It was 5:30 Irish time and we literally ran around all day. Oh well, I went anyway. I had one irish cider at the crowded bar. And headed home it was 10:30 Irish time. I went home called kyle and talked to him for two hours, tried to call my mol but FaceTime doesn’t work well here. And then went to bed.

It’s not almost 9 o’clock. I ate the free breakfast which is just toast and got a coffee that tastes like oats. Because I’m exhausted. I want to sleep in but I’m meeting
Lisa, my coordinator at 11:30. I need to get up and get ready. It’s another beautiful day here!
Until next time,

Ps. Oh I also forgot we went to this little Coffee shoppe called the queen of tarts. It was delicious and cheap. Sharnée and kyle would have loved it. I got a frequent buyer card.


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