One Week; A yogi’s perspective

Hellooo family & friends,

Its officially one week until I depart. Today after work I got to spend some extra time with my mom. We got pedicures, ate Chinese food, went shopping at target, and stopped at the Verizon store (to check out international rates / plans) . Its always good to spend some extra one on one time with your mom before you leave for three months!

Anyway, One thing that every seemed to ask me today was if I’m nervous, excited or scared. The only thing that I can think to respond is, No. I am not nervous, I am not excited, and I’m not scared. I just feel normal. I have been planning this trip for a year now. So I really just feel like its any other day… However, it kind of bothers me, that Im not feeling a particular way.

So as the evening wound down I was talking with my dad and I asked if he wanted to see my new yoga move ( I like to show off whenever I’m with me parents ). As I started to get into Crow Pose, (this isn’t one of my new pose’s but they haven’t seen it in person!) I held it longer than I ever have before. Which didn’t matter to my parents, because they had not seen it before. However, to me its a sign that I’m ready. I am ready to go on this adventure. Yoga teaches you to learn you body to understand the way it moves. Your body knows you better than you know you. Holding this position, which is balancing completely on your hand’s was a sign that my balance is really good. Having good balance to me is a sign that my body is ready and is complete. I know that this sound really new-age or hippy but it is so true. 

Right before I graduated my balance was awful. I kept falling out of my head stands in the middle of my yoga classes I could barely stand on one foot because I was unsure of my future and where my life was headed my balance was awful. My body knew it was scared and unsure of the future even though I had to keep telling myself I wasn’t.

so, the moral of this story and my yoga inspired post is that,

I am ready to leave, I am more ready than I have ever been.



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