13 days, well almost 12z

So…. Two weeks until I leave on my big adventure. to scratch off one of my top five bucket list dreams; work in Europe!

I finally booked my hotel for the first 3 nights that I will be in Dublin before I can move into my apartment. I am staying at a hostel in the heart of the bar district .. Not the best for jet lag.. But I know the first stop I’ll make anyway will be to drink a Guinness. I mean, when in Dublin!


I’ve started packing! Which is kind of surreal. I’ve started doing my laundry and putting everything in my suitcase ! It’s so soon! I feel like I’m almost done packing. I’m trying to pack really light. I’m a girl, I know I’ll go shopping ! The more room when I leave just means more room I’ll have to buy gifts for family / friends… And myself !

I’m just getting really excited ! I hope that this opportunity helps me to network and hopefully start a career in Europe. my dream.



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