The best 8 minutes of my life

Ok so more like 3.
My skype call began promptly at 11:03, and by the time I was picking up my cell to call 1,000 people it was 11:08. You do the math, because obviously I can’t. (I’m a history major, not a bio-chem major)

Basically the skype call when like this.

me: trying to look directly at his eyes (via computer) while thinking in my head if the logic is even worth it, what I look like I’m looking at.

Irishmen: (I want to leave names out) asked me what my future plans were/career goals.

Me: I want to be a curator/registrar

Irishmen: oh you probably know the professional names better than us

Me: (in my head) he likes to joke, good vibes. Me gusta.

Irishmen: we don’t have a lift, the museum is 4 floors. So we all have pretty lean legs here

Me: (again in my head) lean legs, got it. I won’t have to work out in Ireland, WHOOO! Also, they call elevators “lifts” . I’ll have to write in my blog post that my first euro slag learned is lift 4 elevator (it’ll make a good story to the grand kids one day)

Irishmen: this is a little museum, that is very popular. It’s the equivalent of a museum of Central Park in NYC.

Me: (in my crazy head again) STFU. How did I get so lucky???? CAN I START NOW???

Irishmen: obviously this is an unpaid internship, but we will help you pay for transportation to and from work

Me: (not in my head) wow, thank you so much! That’s a big stress reliever. I am hoping to stay close enough that I can walk to work !

Irishmen: call or email if you need any help finding a place to stay. You’ll want to stay in the city center, not the suburbs. Just ask me and I’ll tell you if it’s safe.

Me: (in my head again) seriously I’m so freaking lucky.

So that’s how it went. I’m lucky. I can’t freaking wait. Only 3 more months.



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