Ireland Interviews Round 2

Hello All,

I am creating this blog to share my experience’s, mostly for this summer’s adventure! As I am four weeks away from Graduating with my Bachelor of Art degree in History with a Minor In Art History (as long as I can pass spanish) I thought that it was time that I begin writing down my thoughts as my big Ireland adventure draws closer (June 10th!!)

Last Friday (my birthday) I was supposed to have the first of my Skype interview’s with a potential placement for my summer internship this summer. Which I will be traveling to Dublin, Ireland for 6 weeks to work (keeping my fingers crossed) In a museum.

However, due to a miscommunication / Skype error my first interview with the Little Museum of Dublin did not take place. I have rescheduled for 11 o’clock (EST, 4:00PM Ireland Time) this Friday.

My thought’s, I am pretty nervous, the Little Museum is one of the top 10 places to visit in Dublin on Trip Advisor. It would be an amazing add to my long list of museum internships. But iI know with my experiences I am a pretty good candidate.
The only downside is that the museum focus is primarily on the 20-21st century. Part of the reason I wanted to work abroad for a summer is the fact that the history there is SO old. I knew that working with the history there is just something that you cannot get here in the states, because lets face it. We are kind of babies compared to other countries around the world. So, I guess we will see.

Getting back to you soon,


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